Janet Williams is a Certified Yoga Instructor, Author of the Award-winning children’s yoga book “What I See, I Can Be”, Chair Massage Practitioner and Energy Healer, who incorporates visualizations into all of her sessions.

Her soothing and calming voice and decades of experience make Janet’s Total Relaxation audio a powerful experience of serenity and an exceptional source of healing and relaxation.


Visualization CDs


Are you a stressed out professional or sleep deprived parent? Do you have a hard time turning your mind off, falling asleep or just sitting down and relaxing? Are you a teacher or parent with over-active children? Body Light Visualization CD's are designed to guide you into a state of total relaxation.


Total Relaxation - A Healing Visualization CD Total Relaxation - A Healing Visualization CD

This peaceful 33 minute visualization is delivered in harmony with serene, ambient music, which continues to play for an additional 30 minutes to allow you to enjoy the tranquil state of Total Relaxation.

Listen to Total Relaxation

Take the quiz to determine if this CD is for you:

  1. Do you suffer from periodic or chronic pain?
  2. Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, over-stretched or off-center at times?
  3. Do you ever have a hard time turning your mind off at the end of the day?
  4. Has it been a long time since you just relaxed and are you in need of relaxation?
  5. Do you do shift work or deal with jet lag?
  6. Are you pregnant?
  7. Are you sleep deprived?
  8. Do you suffer from high blood pressure?
  9. Do you do work presentations or work as a performer in the theatre?
  10. Do you like the feeling of relaxation & respond well to being guided there?
  11. Do you want to feel balanced & centered?
  12. Do you know someone who is in need of relaxation & would benefit from the gift of “Total Relaxation”?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above you need to experience the “Total Relaxation” CD!

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"Your Total Relaxation CD really works! I purchased it for my teenage daughter to help her de-stress. She tried it in the evening and reported back to me the following morning her amazement. She said that she heard the part about “Relax your feet, relax your ankles” and she was asleep so quickly that she didn’t even make it past the knees!" - Lori Dalcourt, Occupational Therapist

"I DID listen to your relaxation CD, one tense afternoon, and, yes, fell completely asleep. I woke up an hour later in the identical position. It was great! Unfortunately I haven’t had a spare hour to use it again recently, and, as I told you, falling asleep at night isn’t a problem for me. But I do look forward to the time when I can listen (and sleep) to it again." - Linda Holeman, Author of “The Saffron Gate”

"I have had many years of experience using relaxation techniques and found Janet’s approach unique. Her soothing, gentle voice and positive affirming way definitely adds to the relaxation effect." - Janice P.- RN

"This CD is very therapeutic for people who are suffering from stress, any physical illnesses, sleep issues etc ... I am really excited to bring it to the people that I work with!" - Deborah G.

This is a great CD for everyone and really helpful to those who are looking for complete Head to Toe Relaxation. Janet’s voice and Betty’s music are the perfect combination and together create a completely soothing experience. - Daniela V.

"I had the misfortune to experience a root canal, which became infected. The combination created intense pain similar to childbirth pain and since I am allergic to pain medication, I was forced to seek alternative ways to deal with the pain. Despite the incredible stress and pain that I was experiencing, I was able to focus with Janet's direction and even relax for the duration of the entire CD. The Total Relaxation CD actually worked at distracting me from my pain so that I could fall asleep! I can recommend this CD for dental patients and labouring mothers and anyone else experiencing intense pain and needing pain distraction therapy."- Betty F.

“This CD is easy to follow, very relaxing and can put you to sleep. Janet’s voice really puts me to sleep”. - Doug B.

“Janet’s voice is very soothing, almost angelic in quality”.Goran M.

“I would highly recommend the Total Relaxation CD. The CD helps me fall asleep amazingly fast. Janet’s voice is calm and soothing and the music floats you away. Enjoy the experience of floating along.” Carrie H.

“Since I am always stressed, I was wondering how a CD or listening to someone talking could relax me. However, Janet's voice is so relaxing that I fall asleep every time I put it on - so I still don't know what is at the end of it!” M. Miraflores.

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